Vantage 食物® is a market leader in the food industry.  We work collaboratively with our customers to provide custom solutions for any operation,
大或小.  Our integrated approach includes industry experts, processing ingredients, and precision spray 设备 that help increase
operational efficiency and your peace of mind. We bring an established presence and generations of brand history to the food industry, providing the trusted experience and enduring quality on which you can rely. 

From release agents and oil blends to emulsifiers and stabilizers, our comprehensive portfolio of processing ingredients offers solutions for a wide variety of food applications.

PROCESSING INGREDIENTS: Our comprehensive portfolio offers solutions for a wide variety of production applications.

设备: Our customizable solutions are designed, built and serviced by in-house experts to support any size operation.

专家支持: With more than 40 years of industry experience, our 设备, research & development and sales teams
work collaboratively with customers to troubleshoot and provide solutions.

Introducing SIMPLY KAKE™ emulsifier, our new patent-pending solution formulated to complement clean label initiatives


  • 脱模剂

    食物-grade oils or water-based formulations that can be used to prevent breads, cakes/sweet goods and doughs from sticking to pans, 模具, belts and other surfaces

  • 乳化剂

    Versatile processing ingredients that promote consistent, even baking and 理想的面包屑结构 in breads, cakes and sweet goods applications

  • 糖衣稳定剂

    Formulated specifically for icing and glaze applications to help prevent cracking, 分离, 和哭泣

  • 消泡器

    Reduces/prevents the formulation of foam in food production processes such as jams and jellies

  • 普遍存在

    Help improve texture and flavor in a variety of 烘焙应用程序.

  • 喷淋设备

    Designed to apply targeted, even coverage of oil-based or water-based release agents to food production 设备




锤 & 公司成立. A market-leading provider of baking release agents, stabilizers and spray 设备.


Amarnakote成立. 发达 & patented the first water-based release agents and spray 设备.


德事隆集团成立. A leading manufacturer, processor and specialty formulator of natural oils.


Vantage 食物成立. A market leader with an integrated portfolio of processing ingredients, 设备 and expert support.


Vantage 食物 is innovating for the future with integrated solutions, 赌钱游戏官网官网, 设备, 和支持.

Ask our 食物 specialists about our integrated solutions approach
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